There's a new breed in town.

Get ready to join the rebellion. Mobster Monkeys is an epic new NFT release dropping soon on the Cardano network.


Kings of the Concrete Jungle

Our forthcoming drop consists of 7,500 mobsters, enforcers, associates, soldiers plus not forgetting rare bosses.

Each one is unique and assembled from individually hand-drawn artwork.

Welcome to the rebellion. Claim your rank on launch day, or miss out!

How To Mint

Minting is now LIVE!

Send Your ADA

Price per Monkey Mobster is 25 ADA.
To buy, send your ADA to the following address:

Only send to the address posted on this website, we will not post it anywhere else, nor ever send you an address via direct message.

Always use a Cardano wallet such as Daedalus, Yoroi, Nami, etc. Do NOT send from an exchange, as you may lose your ADA and will not receive an NFT.

Road Map

We have big plans for our Mobsters’ Empire – more details will be revealed in time.

December 2021

Our first drop of 7,500 Monkey Mobsters arrives.

Q1 2022

All Mobsters need a queen by their sides.

Q2 2022

A new bloodline emerges ready to take over the empire.

The Team

Our crack team of worker monkeys are here to ensure a smooth and successful launch and road-map.

More than 3 years experience in leadership and community building.

Cardano Blockchain enthusiast, investor and business owner.

15+ years experience in multiple digital art projects plus other NFT projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some key answers to questions we get asked a lot. If you want even more info – be sure to join our Discord.

Send the exact amount for the number of NFTs you wish to purchase to the address we publish.

You MUST use a wallet. Do NOT send directly from an exchange, as you will lose your funds. Popular wallets for Cardano are: Daedalus, Yoroi, and Nami.

ONLY send to an address shared by us – beware of scammers. We will never send you a DM with an address.

We are launching on Dec 10th 2021 – the exact time of the drop is still to be confirmed. Check back here, or on twitter or discord for the launch time announcement.

Each NFT costs 25 ADA. You can buy multiple monkeys in one transaction by sending the relevant amount (e.g. 75 ADA for 3 NFTs).

The supply of Series 1 Monkey Mobsters is strictly limted to 7,500.
A small number will be kept for promotions and giveaways.

Refunds will be automatically sent to you if you send us the wrong amount (higher or lower) or we have sold out.
If you accidentally send us a token or NFT along with ADA – these will be returned, but are manually processed, so may take some time.

Yes, a rarity chart will be posted after minting. It will show all possible traits, along with odds of minting each one.
Our policy ID for Mobster Monkeys is:

Are you ready to take your place in the new empire?

Secure your place on launch day. Get the latest news and announcements in our Discord server.